​Oscar's Menu 

Oscar's Breakfast Menu
We serve your breakfast favorites all day long!
Items 1 through 12 are served with buttered toast,

or an english muffin or rye toast for an additional charge. 
Egg substitute available. 

1. Ham & Eggs
    Eggs any style with homemade hash browns

2. Sausage or Bacon
   With two eggs any style and homemade hash browns

3. Bacon or Sausage or Ham
   With one egg any style and homemade hash browns

4. One Egg
    Any style with homemade hash browns

5. Two Eggs
   Any style with homemade hash browns

6. Two Eggs
   Any style with bacon or sausage or ham

7. Two Eggs
   Any style

8. Bud's Favorite
   One egg any style

9. Steak & Eggs
    Two eggs any style and 6 oz. top sirloin, 8 oz. ground beef or chicken fried steak with homemade hash browns

10. Hungry Man
Three eggs scrambled together with ground beef, served with homemade hash browns

11. Special Breakfast
Two eggs any style, hamburger patty, and homemade hash browns

12. Corned Beef Hash
      Served with two eggs any style
Pancakes, Waffles & French Toast
Blueberry Pancakes
1 or 2 blueberry pancakes

Amanda's Favorite 

1 or 2 chocolate chip pancakes 

Short Stack
1 or 2 buttermilk pancakes
Pancakes & Eggs
Two buttermilk pancakes with two eggs any style
French Toast
Four slices of Fluffy, grilled french bread dipped in egg batter. 1/2 order also available. 

Mini Breakfast
One buttermilk pancake with one egg any style
Belgian Waffle (served Open until 10:30 a.m.)

The homemade one with the deep pockets.  Whipped cream and strawberries available

All omelettes come with toast. Omelettes are available with homemade hash browns for an additional charge. 
Western Omelette
Loaded with ham, mushrooms, onions, peppers and cheese
Ham, Mushroom & Cheese Omelette
Mushroom & Cheese Omelette
Special Denver
One egg scrambled with ham, green pepper and onion
Ham & Cheese Omelette

Cheese Omelette
Vegetarian Omelette
Stuffed with green pepper, onion, tomato, black olives and mushrooms
Add cheese if you’d like
Eye Openers

George’s Sizzling Skillet
Sizzling potatoes, sausage, diced onions, red and green peppers topped with two eggs any style. Served with toast.
Oscar's Muffin
One farm fresh egg served over hard, topped with melted cheese and two slices of bacon or a sausage patty.  Available with ham for additional charge.
Biscuit & Gravy
Full or half order
Served with milk and brown sugar. Raisons available for additional charge.
Crisp Cold Cereal

Breakfast on the Side
Bacon Slices (2 or 4)

Slice of Ham

English Muffin

Sausage Links (2 or 4)

Hash Browns

Cinnamon Roll

Sausage Patty (1 or 2) 
Toast (wheat, white or rye)

Sausage Gravy
Oscar's Sandwich Menu
Try our fries or salad for an additional charge. 

Oscar's Specialty
Our own hand cut and tenderized breaded or grilled pork tenderloin
French Dip
Thinly sliced roast beef on a French roll with au jus
Grilled Ham & Cheese
Served on Texas bread
Oscar's 1/2 Pounder
1/2 lb. Black Angus burger grilled to perfection.  Mushrooms & Swiss cheese available
Hot Beef
Sliced beef on bread with mashed potatoes and grav all over
Grilled Cheese
Good old American cheese on Texas bread
Super Burger
8 oz. Topped with two slices of American cheese and two strips of bacon
Patty Melt
1/3/ lb. patty on grilled bread of your choice.  Sauteed onions available
Your choice of corned beef or turkey on a dark rye bread with Thousand Island dressing, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese
1/3 Pounder
Black Angus burger grilled to perfection.  Cheese available
Tuna or Chicken Melt
With melted cheese.  On your choiceof grilled bread
Grilled Breast of Chicken
6 oz. marinated and grilled to perfection
Bacon Cheese Burger
Black Angus burger topped with American cheese and bacon
Fish Sandwich
4 oz. Haddock. Deep fried.
Chicken Breast
Tender breast lightly battered and golden fried
Mushroom Cheese Burger
1/3 pounder topped with American cheese and mushrooms
Club Sandwich
Triple-Decker with bacon, lettuce, tomato, cold turkey and cole slaw or cottage cheese
Steak & Cheese
Philly steak sauteed with onions, green peppers, covered with Swiss cheese.  Served on a fresh hoagie bun.
Hot Tenderloin
Served breaded or grilled on two slices of bread with mashed potatoes and gravy all over
Tuna or Chicken Salad
Served on your choice of toast or bread

Bacon with fresh lettuce, tomato slices and mayo served on your choice of toast or bread
Seasoned gyro meat on fluffy, handmade pita topped with tangy cucumber sauce, lettuce, onion and tomato
Lunch on the Side

Potato Salad

Apple sauce
Baked Potato
Bun, Lettuce & Pickle
Cole Slaw
Mashed Potatoes (Dry or with Beef Gravy)
Cottage Cheese
Vegetable of the Day
Oscar's Dinner Menu
All dinners include choice of potato, soup or salad, vegetable and a dinner roll. 
Top Sirloin
Our sirloin is hand cut and grilled to perfection
Pork Chop
8 oz. juicy, grilled to perfection
Cod Fish Fillet
Breaded and golden fried
Hamburger Steak
1/2 lb. grilled Black Angus burger.  Sauteed mushrooms and onions available for additional charge.
Chicken Fried Steak
A homestyle favorite, covered with brown gravy
Broiled Cod Fillet
Served with a twist of lemon
Roast Beef Dinner
Tender sliced beef covered with gravy
Broiled Chicken Breast
A 6oz. breast tenderized with Marie's own Italian-style marinade
Baked Ham
Two delicious center cut slices
Our Homemade Pork Tenderloin
Grilled or breaded
Five jumbo breaded shrimp with cocktail sauce for dipping
Liver & Onions
8 oz. A traditional hearty meal
Topped with our meatless marinara sauce (no potato)
Polish Sausage
Served with sauerkraut
Mozzarella Sticks
Onion Rings
Homemade Soup
Fried Mushrooms
Combo Platter (fried mushrooms, onion rings, and mozzarella sticks)
Homemade Chili (seasonal)
Chef Salad
Fresh greens topped with turkey, ham, cheese, tomato, onion, and hard boiled egg
Taco Salad
Tortilla bowl filled with crisp lettuce, spicy beef and beans, black olives, cheese, tomatoes, salsa and sour cream
Chicken Salad
Our marinated grilled chicken breast over fresh lettuce, black olives, tomatoes and onions
Lite Bites
Ground Sirloin
Grilled 1/4 lb. Black Angus burger, cottage cheese, pineapple slice, hard boiled egg and toast
Dieter's Delight
Broiled chicken breast, cottage cheese, pineapple, and hard boiled egg


Homemade Kathy's Pies 

Ice Cream served with chocolate sauce and whip cream

Vanilla or Chocolate Shakes

Vanilla or Chocolate Malts